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Innovation and consumer needs gave rise in recent years to some of the most spectacular new materials ever seen, such as Dekton. It is a revolutionary category of surfaces that can be implemented endless applications such as walls, worktops, flooring, staircases, patios, balconies, gardens and other defining areas of a residence or a commercial space. The composition of this product is the result of mixing three technologies: glass, porcelain and pure natural quartz surfaces amongst other raw materials. Dekton price also comes in a variation that brings flexibility and choice for customers to choose from, according to their needs and budgets.

Dekton provides incredible mechanical strength, high resistance to scratches, stains, UV rays, stains, abrasion and hydrolysis. In addition, it offers excellent thermal characteristics, fire resistance, heat and it is suitable for areas exposed to very low temperatures and weather variations. To explain Dekton further, the material is trusted and infinitely durable that the manufacturer offers 15 years of warranty when purchased from an approved fabricator.

The above image shows a Dekton Aura peninsula in a kitchen with furniture cladding in matching material

Dekton surfaces have zero dilation and are very functional for both food preparation and cooking areas. The makers of the material wanted to create a smart strategy to render the product useful in kitchens. Today, Dekton kitchen worktops find its usage with architects for the design of interior and exterior projects, as well as designers, property developers and end clients, mainly in the area of Dekton countertops.

To create Dekton, it was necessary to develop an industrial blueprint specifically for test purposes, which boasts the world's largest hydraulic press, with a capacity of up to 25,000 tonnes to make the slabs ultra-compact.

Cosentino develops an exclusive product, ensuring unique identity to the building areas in which it is installed. The array of colours is varied and a new collection appears yearly with a few additions being launched every six or so months, such as Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer. The firm develops an exclusive product, assuring unique performance characteristics and defined exclusive looks and feel.

Dekton represents a new age of ultra compact surfaces. Made by combining glass, porcelain and quartz composites under extreme heat and pressure, it is UV resistant, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use.

The Company prides itself of the extraordinary amount of strength achieved in all Dekton surfaces although some of the independent tests performed by other people seem to have resulted somewhat differently. One of the biggest and unbiased consumer magazines, Consumer Reports tested this ultra compact material under various circumstances such as durability against staining, slicing, scratching and scorching.

Dekton surpassed all expectations in these areas and resisted damage from heat, stain, chopping and cutting. It also fared well at resisting high abrasions. The only difference arose in the impact tests, where pieces of the edges chipped off. The Dekton surface used as a sample cracked open into two pieces that were 2 cm thick. This suggested that if a consumer were to accidentally drop a heavy pot or another object placed in the overhead compartments of their kitchen approximately 2 feet above, Dekton countertops may crack.

To these test results, Lorenzo Marquez of Cosentino responded in the following manner, “We were pleased that Dekton achieved high scores in regard to its resiliency to heat, staining, and cutting. However, we were disappointed to learn that Dekton cracked in specific tests that simulated dropping a weighted object onto the surface from height. Unfortunately we are unable to validate the results, as testing conditions didn’t comply with our own installation guidelines. Cosentino stands behind Dekton and the advantages that come with its ultra-compact composition, offering high levels of performance to withstand normal levels of wear and tear.”

New Dekton Formulas have already been launched:

It is important to highlight that the report dates back to 2015 and since then, Cosentino who makes the material has altered some of their formulas in order to ensure its impact resistance was improved when compared to 2 years ago. Another important fact is to take into consideration that most products aren’t perfect when they are newly launched. This can be seen with the most popular products and biggest companies worldwide including Samsung, Apple or Volkswagen. They all tend to launch innovative products which are then improved at several stages to the point where perfection is reached. This can also be seen in technology companies that launched new software which result in ever new versions, including mobile apps and laptops.

As an approved fabricator for Dekton in the UK, we work with the product on a daily basis. Experience shows that the surfaces have already improved and have a higher impact resistance than they did 2 years ago. Dekton is actually one of the best and easiest materials to work with and its superior performance makes it a number one choice for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Further to this, Cosentino who is the world leader in these types of surfaces will continue working to ever improve its products, launching new colours that last a lifetime.


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