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India’s first 1 MW Canal-top Solar Power Project on the Sanand Branch Canal of the Sardar Sarovar Project.Yeah,I do think renewable energy is fastest growing energy source and we must start using it ASAP to save planet earth from pollution caused due to fossil fuels.

Gujarat accounts for 15.14% (USD 114.52 bn) of the total investments in India; Highest amongst all States in India.

The Global Investors summit which held once in every two years  resulted in signing of  20,000 MOUs garnering an investment of $1200 billion .Of course, statistics show the actual projects under implementation and are commissioned is approximately $280 billion, a success rate of  23.3 which is general for  all the states and true for India as single investment center. Still with this Gujarat get approximately 25% of India's investment.

Gujarat's canal-top solar power plant

1) 1.6 million units of electricity per year
The power plant which is located at Chandrasan village near Mehsana, 45 kms from Ahmedabad will generate 1.6 million units of electricity per year.

2) Prevents evaporation of water
The fact that the panels are built over the canal is meant to ensure that around 9 million litres of water does not evaporate.

3) Production of clean energy
The entire length of SSNL canal network in Gujarat is around 19,000 kilometres. According to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, "Even if 10 per cent of it is used for this type of projects it could generate 2,400 MW of clean energy annually."

4) Eliminates need of land for solar projects
The project will eliminate the need of 11,000 acres of land required for a solar project of this magnitude and save 2 billion litres of water annually, officials have said.

5) Helps reduce carbon emissions
Modi believes that Gujarat's solar power initiatives would help save Rs 6,500 crore over the next 25 years, besides reducing carbon emissions to the tune of 8 lakh tonnes.

6) Made on 750-metre stretch of Sanand branch canal
The plant has been made on a 750-metre stretch of the Sanand branch canal of the Sardar Sarovar Project.

7) More power
According to Modi, the solar panels produced 15 per cent extra power as compared to land installations as the water flowing under the panels keeps them relatively cool.

8) Reduced cost of energy
Modi has termed this pilot project to be an innovative merger of "jal and urja shakti" for a greener tomorrow. 

"This initiative of Gujarat on Narmada branch canal network has the potential to bring down per unit cost of clean energy from solar panels to between Rs 8 to Rs 8.50 in future," Modi has said.


The measure of ones achievements is best gauged by what others have to say(glance at some notable awards other than best CM 3 times in 5 consecutive years):

16-10-2003 :UN SasakawaAward for outstanding work in the field of disaster
management and risk reduction.

Oct-2004     CAPAM Gold Award from Commonwealth Associations for
Innovations in governance.

05-08-2005  :Best Investment environment Award by India today.

30-10-2006   :Asian Innovation Award at Singapore from Wall Street Journal
and the Financial Expressfor Chiranjeevi Yojana (initiative for
reducing maternal and infant mortality rate).

03-11-2008   :India Power Awards 2008 Exemplary work in rural electrification under “Jyoti Gram Scheme”.

23-06-2010  :United NationsPublic Service Award for its role in transforming the delivery of public services.

17-10-2011   :eRatna award for eGovernance

15-01-2013   :Total Food Grain Production Award by The President of India.


Gujarat is set to become the first state in the country to have a complete integrated police ERP (enterprise resource planning, a software integrating all aspects of an operation) system.
With five million tourists visiting Gujarat in last two years, Gujarat government has laid an outlay of Rs 730 crore to develop its tourism infrastructure in 22 districts across the state.


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