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There is a truth that is holding in recent times: the welfare and health may extend more and without surgery. They talk about the possibility of delaying the biological age of the people, and it becomes clear that everything has to do with physical activity.Biological age is different from chronological age. The latter has to do with what it says our birth, i.e. the date on which we were born, how old we are, or behave. This is clear. Biological age is different. Is age that can slow (or speed) according to how we live, that is, biological age is changed (fortunately) while it is not chronological. All the indicators of biological age are related, in one way or another, with physical activity. You certainly want to know what makes you young or conversely, what makes you old.

Consider these three items: 1) The musculature 2) Strength 3) The percentage of body fat

Body's strength comes from the muscles that make the bones and joints from moving. If the muscles are weak, a person will cost increasingly move and look old. Therefore, it is said that if we look younger, must move and move and move. Muscles must work constantly. Do not sit still. The last of the three biomarkers is the percentage of body fat. It is known that thin people look younger. In fact, in most cases as we're getting old, let fat. Formerly, in prehistoric times, the fat man served him to go through periods of famine when hunting was scarce. But now what do we need that fat? No supermarkets nearby? Today, that fat accumulated all that does is increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and heart disease. That is, is useless and is best rid of her, not only to look younger but to live!

Start exercising 3 or more times each week for 20 minutes or more, and keep making up at least 30 minutes for 4-6 times per week. This may include multiple active instances of short time in a day. Exercise during your lunch break or go do their daily chores can be a way to include exercise into a busy schedule. Exercising with a friend or family member can help make it fun, and encouraged each other to continue doing the exercise. Most exercises will help your heart and other muscles. Strength training is exercise that develops strength and power of the large muscles of the body. Weight lifting is an example of this type of exercise. Exercise machines can also provide you with this type of training. Your doctor can give you information on how to exercise safely lifting weights and working with machines.

Keep learning:

If you stop learning, you will begin to age. Discouragement is one of the main tools of the Enemy. He wants to stand dry. But when we decided to go ahead and learn something new, your plans get derailed quickly. If you are now in a difficult situation, ask the Lord to give you a promise of hope. After this, start to have confidence that He will answer your needs.

Keep loving God and people:

God will definitely help you if you love Him. Note that this includes our emotions, our thoughts and our physical well-being.

He will bless us when our hearts are put in him-which involves learning to love others and let ourselves be loved by them. It also means forgiving those who hurt us. If you want to fully experience the love of God, can not cling to the past or resentment. Unconditional love is what God gives you.

Keep laughing:

Laughter is one of the best remedies to cure sadness, discouragement and disillusionment. It releases chemicals in the brain that help elevate mood. Physically relaxes us, and relieves tension and stress. I believe Jesus was a happy person who laughed a lot, for the Bible can see that people liked to be with Him People are naturally attracted to people whose faces reflect love and joy. I think the laughter was a part of their path to blessing.

Keep forgetting:

Get in the habit of forgetting the failures and frustrations. People are constantly looking back can not advance. Instead of feeding remorse for things that happened years ago, learn to live in the present and have a great dream about the future. God wants you to learn from your mistakes, but also that further progress. Or stuck in the past, or we can move towards freedom, hope and promise, confident that God will answer the most genuine prayers of our hearts.

Keep longing:

The Lord put a dream in the heart of us and whatever happened, the dream remains. Were there times when your faith was tested? Probably yes. Like most of us, he could have wondered if he would ever see the Promised Land. But he did not give up. You do not have to surrender to the doubts or fears. The creative power of our mind is a gift from God. When you stop using it, begins to age. Go ahead, dream big and see how God makes the impossible in your life!

Keep looking to God:

Keep looking to God then he must raise his eyes to heaven. Look to God, and observe the ways He works in your life.

Keep working:

Never wake up with the idea of retirement. Remain active and agile. People have all sorts of problems, and many of these have to do with the pressures of work. God gave us the concept of work to have a sense of accomplishment. He knows the work and exercise help keep us young and mentally alert. Some time ago I met a very special lady, Miss Bertha Smith, who was a missionary in China for 40 years. She had more than 90 years when he returned from the mission field. One day I said, "You, really, yes that is busy." She responded: "I keep busy by Jesus. I am waiting for Him to come at any moment. “Then I discovered that it planned to continue lecturing until he turned 105 years! Then I thought, If she can go, I can do the same for many more years. Have a vision of what God wants me to do, if you are available to the Lord, He will use you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Keep listening:

If you want to stay young and vigorous, should resolve to listen to the voice of God. He continues to speak to us by means of His Word. When we heard his voice, discover things about ourselves that no one else can see.


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