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Vitamin C plays important in human health and disease. I have shared here all the functions performed by it, the required quantity, sources and diseases due to its deficiency. You can fine everything about it here. Mainly it is required for the maintenance of normal connective tissue. It helps your wounds to heal. The iron which is the part of your diet is absorbed by the help of vitamin C from the intestine.

Why do I need Vitamin C?

Your body highly needs vitamin C for the vital functions. Have a review of functions played by it!

  • Wound healing: This property is possessed by the vitamin C. Because it helps the connective tissue to cross-link. So whenever you are  having the wound vitamin C helps you. It connects the collagen fibers and in this way it helps the wound to heal up.
  • Bone formation: Bone formation is dependent upon vitamin C. You know vitamin C is required for collagen fibers. And why is collagen so important? Because it is the main constituent of bones.
  • Absorption of iron: It is required for the absorption of iron from the intestines. This is the iron which your diet possesses.
  • Hemoglobin: The major component of blood, hemoglobin. The bile pigments are formed from it by the help of this vitamin. Recycling of hemoglobin also requires vitamin C.
  • Neurotransmitter Serotonin: This neurotransmitter is very important in elevation of mood. So this vitamin cheers us up!
  • Folic acid: Ascorbic acid is involved in the formation of folic acid formation. Folic acid is essential for the maturation of the red blood cells.  So indirectly this vitamin is very important in production of important component of blood.
  • Cholesterol: The synthesis of bile acids from the cholesterol is enhanced by ascorbic acid.
  • Adrenal gland: It possesses a considerable amount of ascorbic acid. It is thought to be involved in the production of corticosteroid hormones.
  • Prevention of diseases: Vitamin C is the biological anti-oxidant. It has been found to decrease the incidence of life-threatening diseases. These include cancer, heart diseases etc.
  • Immunological activity: It enhances the immunity of body by strengthening the immune system. It makes the defense system of the body strong.
  • Prevention of cataract: Vitamin C reduces the risk of the cataract. Thus prevents the eyes to become sick.
  • Teeth and Gums: It makes our teeth and gums strong. The gums keep the teeth tightly in their position. The layers of teeth are also protected.

Recommended daily amount

You must take 60-70 mg of vitamin C daily. But if you are a pregnant lady, you should take 30% more of this amount. Same is the case if you are feeding your child.

Sources OF Vitamin C

Do you know from where to get vitamin C? It is found in high levels in citrus fruits, gooseberry, guava, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes.

Deficiency of Vitamin C

  • Scurvy: This disease results from the deficiency of vitamin C. In this disease your gums become sore and spongy and bleed easily. Your teeth start loosening. The blood vessels become fragile. Swollen are your joints! The defense system is weakened progressively. The wound healing is also delayed. The hormonal functions are sluggish. Osteoporosis is also significantly seen.
  • The smokers, chronic alcoholics, users of oral contraceptives and those who take aspirin have decreased level of vitamin C. Unfortunately the symptoms of deficiency are not marked in them. So you should be aware of it if you are anyone of these.
  • It is the fact that overall the body is greatly affected by the vitamin C deficiency.





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