Windows 10 is now running on millions of computer systems and handheld gadgets, but it already appears to be a corrective edition of Windows 8 that was really featured with some confusing and annoying features. Windows 8 includes a desktop operating system (OS) with tablet-touch functionality applications, which really give a new edge to the operating system software. But a large group of Windows lovers did show their dissatisfaction towards some features included in Windows 8. According to them, the features are awful and annoying to use.

To understand the features and their functionalities, a lot of users rushed for Windows 8 tech support from expert technicians. Some third party technical support companies played a great role in extending their expertise to resolve Microsoft Windows 8 issues.

Here in this write-up, we will talk about 4 most annoying features of Windows 8 and look into the way how Microsoft resolved them in its latest Windows 10 operating system software.  

·        Start screen

Windows 8 start screen has annoyed so many users, as it includes applications in tiles format. Unlike previous editions, users have to select the desktop tile to go to desktop and start their tasks.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has restored almost all the important elements from Windows 7’s Start menu, bringing in a separate section for new tiles. The new start menu in Windows 10 has been appreciated by lots of users.

·        Internet browser

Windows 8 was really annoying with two editions of internet explorer. People were unable to surf internet as smoothly as before. And it caused the users dial technical customer support phone number for Windows 8.

But Microsoft has resolved the issue by introducing new type of internet browser called “Microsoft Edge.” It redefines the way how people browse internet and fetch information from the web world.

·        Notifications

Though Windows 8 is principally good in terms of notifications, but it turns to be painful when one goes to find the information related to notifications.

In Windows 10, Microsoft brought in a new feature called “Action Center” that is really more helpful. It works in line with Apple’s Notification Center from OS X. Customer support and help for Windows 10 

·        Problems to operate on Tablets

The term “One Size Fits All” really sounds good. But Windows 8 was something that couldn’t stand with the term. Users experienced technical issues while running it on Tablets.

Microsoft fixes the issues and brought in innovative features to make Windows 10 technically able to span across desktop, laptop, tablets, and Smartphone’s.


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