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Your Apple ID is not just an ID, but an account with the help of which you do everything like shopping from the iTunes store, buying an app, signing in to icloud and more. Thus, it is a very efficient part for your Apple device that should be always remembered. However, sometimes, it happens that users forget their password. And in such an odd condition, they need to reset the password.

To reset your password, you first requirement is to know your email address for the ID of your Apple account. If you are not sure that which email address you have used, then there are some ways through which you can get back your Apple ID. You can visit the help page to have the technical support for forgot Apple ID password, from where you can have the solution to recover the password. You can also reset the password yourself by going through the procedure as shown in this article.

Different procedure to reset your password

  1. To start the recovery procedure, you first need to go to the account page of Apple ID where you need to click on Forgot Apple ID or password. Here, you need to enter ID for it, where you will know to reset the password with the security features that you have used with your account.
  2. You need to answer the security questions, and then go through the steps to reset the password.
  3. You can also made the password reset through “get an email”. With the help of this, you can use your alternative email address to make the password reset.Technical Support for Mac
  4. Two factor authentication procedure:

If this procedure is enable for your Apple ID, then you can easily reset or change your password from your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the You also need to enable the passcode and then go through the process as below:

  • Enter your ID in the link
  • Now enter your phone number and get the notification.
  • Now tap allow.
  • Now enter your passcode and then reset the password.
  1. Two step verification:

In two-step verification procedure, you need your recovery key and a trusted device and then go through the process as shown below:

  • Enter you ID in the link
  • Now enter your recovery key.
  • Get the verification code on your trusted device.
  • Now set new password and then choose reset password.

After going through all these procedure, you will be prompted to make the sign in again with your new password. You may also require updating your password in your services of Apple.Support for Mac phone number

If all these do not help you to reset the Apple ID password, then you need to connect with the Apple technical experts with a toll-free Mac technical support phone number.


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