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If you thought that the only benefit of sex is pleasure then you are wrong. Surprisingly sex has many benefits which make you healthy. Having sex once or twice a week make you feel better. Want to know the healthy aspects of sex? All about it is written in this article.

Healthy Facts about Sex and 8 reasons you should have sex everyday

It is in the instinct of human beings to have sex. Naturally there is the attraction between opposite sex. So the sex is mostly between opposite genders. But now-a-days it is becoming popular to have sex between persons of same gender.



  1. Stress Reliever : Sex is the great source of relieving stress. You feel calm and easy by having sex. All the tensions and worries banish away.
  2. Exercise : You know having a sexual intercourse is the exercise itself. Your major muscles and organs are in physical activity. So besides enjoying the gratification of health you do exercise. This exercise is important for cardiovascular health, body fitness, strength and flexibility.
  3. Sex Burns Calories : Quite an amazing fact that sexual intercourse burns calories. Just think you will find it correct. 30 minutes sex burns calories 85 calories and thus you can burn even more by increasing the session of sex.
  4. Enhances your understanding : A sexual intercourse keeps you closer to your partner and buildup understanding. You feel comfort and ease with your partner in all aspects of life.
  5. Reduction of pain: A study showed that sex reduces the pain like arthritis.
  6. Prostate cancer risk is reduced : Frequent ejaculations in the men above 20 years of age help to reduce risk for prostate cancer.
  7. Source of Intimacy : You get closer and the bond between you and your partner is strengthened.
  8. Sleep benefits : You enjoy a peaceful and calm sleep after having sex.



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