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India is a culturally rich country and is news for a number of reasons, of late.

For many, this is a good time to travel to the country with kids and make the most of the advantages one can enjoy at a reasonable price. If you share the same thoughts, here are some points to be kept in mind.

1. Safety of your kids: It is important to understand that there are many places in India you should avoid because they are not safe for kids. We are not talking about rural areas, but urban areas. So, before making a plan, be sure that you avoid places that should be avoided because of safety reasons.

2. Look for the best hotels at a reasonable price: While traveling to India, let your kids live a luxurious life while staying in some of the best hotels. The price of the same will be on the lower side. However, you should still look for ways in which you can save money while staying at a hotel with kids. Unnecessary expenses should be avoided so that you spend less and enjoy more while traveling.

3. Make a plan to visit the famous monuments across the country: Depending on your duration of the vacation, you should aim at visiting each and every monument so that you do not return home with disappointing written all over your face.

4. Mosquito repellent: Make sure that you and your kids apply it even during the day. India is a place where long sleeves are not a solution because of the climate. Wherever you go, the chances of being bitten by a mosquito exist. So, be smart and apply it on yourself and your kids so that you do not end up wasting most of your travel time in the hospital.

5. Food: With a variety of options available, make sure that you not only select the hygienic restaurants but also check the review of the same. It is possible that the restaurant might look like a good option, but reviews by genuine people will help you decide whether you should step in or not.

6. Transportation: With a number of ways, in which you can move around, choose options your kids will enjoy. For example, an auto rickshaw ride is one thing that should be on your mind. Kids enjoy it, and the cost of the same is even not a burden. Apart from this, horse cart, bullock cart, and elephant ride are even fun options for kids.

7. Water: In the case of water, you should choose options that are packaged. If it is not packaged, you are at risk. It is okay to wait for some time than to end up in the hospital ward. Stay safe and opt for packaged water only.


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