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Optus email provides a full proof protective shield for the user information and content. Encrypted emails are sent through the server which prevents the email hacking. Optus email enables mail management effectively. User can send & receive emails and also categorize the emails in the correct folders. Email attachments of large size can be sent over email and it also identifies the junk emails.

Now there are certain issues also faced by the Optus email users. One of the such prominent issue is account recovery or password reset. If the user have lost the Optus email password then it will be best to reset and use a new password for the email account. The procedure followed is very simple and is mentioned in steps given below –

Step 1: Look for a new password request. To incorporate follow the steps –

    Visit the Optus email recovery page and click on Reset Password.
    If the user is not able to access the page then enter the account user name or email address and click continue.
    Next enter the registered mobile number to recieve the bill notification.
    Now click of the option – SMS my temporary password or Email my temporary password.
    Email or sms will be sent to the user email address with the selected mobile number.

Step 2: Use the temporary password for login.

    Enter the username and password carefully with all the mentioned special character.
    Enter the username and password in the new login page.
    Click on Log in.

Step 3: Now change the temporary password.

    Select a new password which will be displayed.
    Re-type the new password and then confirm the password.
    Click on Submit.

Step 4: Update the new password along all the applications.

    Update the new password along all the alternate application. Use the new password to login to the Optus email account.

Now if the user is finding it difficult to change the Optus email password then it is recommended to contact the Optus email technical support for help and suggestion. For any Optus email related trouble like Optus email not responding or any other account related problem, it is advisable to contact the Optus technical support team 24*7 hours.


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