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The New Delhi Government has launched 18 new schemes to help the constructions workers and labors. They have also raised the minimum wages for the unskilled to Rs 9,048 from Rs 8,632. The minimum wages for the skilled and mid-skilled are Rs 10,010 and Rs, 10,998 respectively. These are very encouraging signs for the future. The Indian construction and manufacturing industries are quite large in numbers. They always need workers and labors for their factory related work.

Now to the main question! How to Find Factory Workers and labors for your factory? Normally the company or factory fills their vacancies by their close sources or when a current or former employee tells them about possible candidates. These possible candidates are known to the current or former employees. But this doesn’t guarantee that the candidate will be the perfect one for the job. This situation is pretty bad for those companies and factories that have vacancies but are unable to fill them for some time and ultimately have an impact ontheir productivity.


An Engineers needs construction labors to make its dream comes to reality. Construction workers and labors work tirelessly to complete their work at scheduled duration. Many of the beautiful shopping malls, hotels, buildings, flyovers, hospitals you see in your daily life are the fruits of several labors’ work. Just like construction labors are a must for any construction work, similarly factory workers are also needed by factories in large numbers to execute their factory work. Factory workers don’t need higher education. To start their work, they just need a little bit of training.

Any company or factory would never want to lose money just because of the lack of suitable workers and labors. Rozgar Camp is one such initiative that helps the companies and factories find the right workers and labors. Rozgar Camps were organized in various parts of Delhi/NCR. It provides information to unskilled workers about job availability. Workers and labors can apply for jobs through Rozgar camps. The employers having vacancies can Find Resume  labour and factory workers right at the website. Theincircle has all the statistics about labors and workers collected through Rozgar camps. Employers can check out for total experience of candidates, the type of work they know, age, location, salary etc. Employers can select workers and labors after going through this information.

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